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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we have an FAQ page?


An FAQ page (short for Frequently Asked Questions) is a page that provides answers to common questions and concerns. It's a space where you, the customer, can delve into the finer details of our product and services.

Did we miss anything below that may be helpful information to have? Contact us & let us know!
Thank you!

  •  What Should I Bring?

- Name of the cemetery and exact address.

- Size requirements and regulations for the memorial if the cemetery has any. If you are unsure always double-check with the cemetery.

- Any portraits you would like on the memorial to be scanned. 

- Any and all information you would like on the memorial. Such as;  full name (and/or nickname), date of birth, date of passing, any words or poems for inscriptions.

  • What Is Required Of The Customer?

The customer is required to review all forms, regulations, and guidelines provided to them. You will also need to review and sign our disclosure and liability form before we can start the account. Of course, you will need to approve the final design for the memorial. Depending on the cemetery you may be asked to sign a release form and mark the grave plot with a flag that we provide to you. Once the grave has been flagged you will take a photo of the flagged plot and send it in to us. This is to ensure the installers have all the information they could possibly need.    

  • What Are Your Wait Times?

Currently our turn around times are at 12- to 16 weeks for STOCK orders. This wait time may increase for special orders, coping, and/or ledgers. This time frame begins once all documents are signed, final design is approved and proper payments have been made. 

Why does it take so long? 

For Granite, there are quite a few steps the stone must go through just to get to our workshop. Every cut, saw, & engraving must be perfect. Stone is not forgiving, so every granite piece must be handled with extreme care to guarantee the best quality stone possible.

For Bronze, Every design is hand smelted. This process takes time to ensure the finest detailed cast.

It is also important to remember; Memorials that are larger and more intricate often take longer to produce than smaller, simpler headstones. For instance, upright memorials with unique shapes and designs require much more time to sculpt than a flat grass memorial that sits flush with the ground. Unique granite designs and varieties are often not readily available in a memorial provider's stockroom. 

  • How Long Should I Wait Before Placing A Headstone On A New Grave?

While there are technically no specific rules around how long you need to wait before you can place a memorial on a grave plot, we recommend waiting at least 3 to 6 months before putting a memorial down. This wait time may be less for a cremation burial. However, our team always insures that the earth is ready for a memorial at time of installation.

  • When Should I Ask For An Update On My Memorial?

At Caskets & More we strive to bring you the highest quality product in the most timely manner possible. Before you officially start your account with us and any money is exchanged you will be asked to review & sign our disclosure & liability form. On this form will be your projected wait time specific to your desired order. While we welcome any questions you have a long the way, we do not generally have an update before 6 to 8 weeks after approval. Our office will alway notify you if there are ever any major delays or issues with your order that would drastically effect this wait time.

  • How Do I Properly Take/Send Photos Of The Grave Plot & Cemetery?

When you open your account with us, depending on the cemetery, you will be asked to mark the grave plot with a flag we provide to you. You will also be asked to provide pictures of the grave plot having been marked prior to being put on the installation list.

Our  installers work a tight schedule tending to each individual stone and each families needs, so we always want them to have all the information they need. 
Three photos are needed: 
1- A photo of the grave plot we will be installing at with the flag centered at the head of the plot. If there are flowers at the grave, please move them to the grave side, or place the flag away from them so it may be clearly seen.

2- The surrounding graves/plot row. Please take a photo of the row your loved ones plot is in and/or any neighboring graves.
3- Entrance for the cemetery. If the entrance to the cemetery is difficult to find, or "off the beaten path" please safely provide a photo to us so our installers can be made aware and have a better idea of what they will be looking for.

  • What Should I Expect At The Time Of Installation?

Once your memorial has be installed you will receive a follow-up message and/or phone call with an attached photo. We always send you a confirmation photo to let you know the memorial has been placed, leveled, cleaned, & ready for family viewing. This can be sent through text message or by e-mail.
As stated previously, our installeres run on a tight schedule and are not always able to call ahead of time or wait on families to arrive at the cemetery prior to installation. If you would like to be present we can accommodate that request for an additional fee of $100.00.

The installers will work with you to figure out the best date and time for all parties involved. 

  • Is There A Difference Between A Cemetery, A Graveyard, & A Mausoleum? 

Yes, there are some slight differences.
A graveyard is just another type of cemetery, as it is also a burial ground but it is known as a 'graveyard' when it is attached to a church. A mausoleum is a free-standing structure that contains the remains of a single deceased loved one, or sometimes more than one person. Usually, if your loved one will be going to a mausoleum they will require a SEALED casket.  

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